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About This Project

Lalage Nydia Florio Hacker was born in Turin in Italy on 13/05/1968 after graduation at the “Collegio Mellerio Rosmini” of Domodossola, Lalage enrolled at the Faculty of Architecture in Turin where she studied for two years and then decided to attend the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, School of Decoration, teacher Nicola Maria Martino. The exhibition starts immediately in Italy and abroad with a solo exhibition at the Italian Institute of Culture in Stuttgart. A traveler, she travels around Europe and she comes back to Italy. She takes care of some exhibitions, she has two children and she is coming back to Accademia with Francesco Preverino for the two-year specialistic degree. She curates an exhibition on violence against women, organizes the Italian pavilion at Master Olofsgarten in Stockholm with an exhibition of young Italian artists and continues with the exhibition itinerary. for a period She worked at the Galleria Dieffe in Turin until She resumed her travels since in 2014 She moved permanently Mannheim before and from two years in Heidelberg, Germany, in 2017 a profound change in the approach to painting and TABULA RASA was born. From January 2018 resumed the exhibition activity between Italy and Germany. Turin 22/03/2018 – 21/04/2018 Rome 20/04/2018 – 15/05/2018 …. Venice and Augsburg, Cefalu ‘and other scheduled dates.